A whole lot of different ethnic ingredients were used in the recipe that is Happi Anarky and while I am proud of all of them I identify with Puerto Rican the most because my dad is one loud and proud Boricua and he has passed that on to all of his children as well. Back east and in Cali people spot me as a Puerto Rican off the bat but here in my new home people look at me and can’t figure out my racial identity and b/c it seems very important to them to be able to put a label on me I tell them I am a member of The J-Lo Nation, The Bronx, New York tribe to be exact and then I throw a little Spanish in the mix minds and step back as minds are blown.
When the person responsible for half of your genetic makeup looks over your shoulder as you’re getting artsy with a sugar skull and says, “Mija, you never create anything reflective of your Puerto Rican heritage or do you forget I am Puerto Rican?’ Well, right then and there you’re inspired to create something to appease your earthly creator. Plus you always want to be in good with the one person in your family that’s your pastele connection aka the Rican version of tamales minus the corn masa.
This is available in a variety of products including t-shirts.



This graphic was inspired by a young girl I photographed several years ago. Her eyes were closed and she was hugging herself and rocking back and forth on the marble steps of the bank I was trying to get a picture of. She was in the midst of a heroin high judging by the track marks on her arms. She must have sensed me because she opened her eyes and gave me a weak grin and asked that I take her picture as she slowly lost the struggle to keep her eyes opened.

I never saw her again after that day yet I’ve never been able to forget that girl.