A whole lot of different ethnic ingredients were used in the recipe that is Happi Anarky and while I am proud of all of them I identify with Puerto Rican the most because my dad is one loud and proud Boricua and he has passed that on to all of his children as well. Back east and in Cali people spot me as a Puerto Rican off the bat but here in my new home people look at me and can’t figure out my racial identity and b/c it seems very important to them to be able to put a label on me I tell them I am a member of The J-Lo Nation, The Bronx, New York tribe to be exact and then I throw a little Spanish in the mix minds and step back as minds are blown.
When the person responsible for half of your genetic makeup looks over your shoulder as you’re getting artsy with a sugar skull and says, “Mija, you never create anything reflective of your Puerto Rican heritage or do you forget I am Puerto Rican?’ Well, right then and there you’re inspired to create something to appease your earthly creator. Plus you always want to be in good with the one person in your family that’s your pastele connection aka the Rican version of tamales minus the corn masa.
This is available in a variety of products including t-shirts.




I was forced to remain behind involuntarily subjugated by “the man” while my friends and friends I have yet to meet are out in NOLA enjoying the Feversong launch festivities. Never one to let inspiration go to waste I came up with this art in praise of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series.

Before you guys start thinking my ego has gotten bigger than my curly haired head allow me to explain. Books are magical, only a true bibliophile gets this. Thanks to that magic I have ridden on the back of mythical beasts, battled against evil and fugly cried the night evil got the upper hand inside of a church and recoiled in horror when a “good” guy turned out not to be so good after all.

Have you ever been so into a book that the pages absorb you until you’re a part of it watching as the events unfold? It’s been this way for me with the Fever Series since the beginning.

If you know this feeling whether it be due to the Fever Series or any other book then today’s art is dedicated to YOU.




It’s coming to an end, through the years we’ve witnessed trauma, tragedy, and growth. Friendships were forged and alliances destroyed by lies that once masqueraded as truth. Sisters of the heart ripped away the veil that was placed between them and truly saw each other for the first time.


An iron butterfly emerged from a gossamer chrysalis and when the world was reduced to ashes a beautiful phoenix arose.  The world as we knew it changed. We’d been unaware that we were bearing witness to the bonds of manipulation quietly being broken and power taken back. With so many judgmental eyes trained on her, we watched a gentle spirit transcend all the unkindness life threw at her.


At times it seemed the sadness of it all would consume all it touched but then in the middle of it all an inconspicuous star burst into a shower of pure light bathing everyone standing under it in an aura of the purest love. This love pushed at despair and in a short time despair was replaced by hope and hope birthed true joy.


It’s been one hell of a dark feverish ride and at the end, there was light and a one-word lesson for us all …Transcend.


Thank You Starshine.