I was forced to remain behind involuntarily subjugated by “the man” while my friends and friends I have yet to meet are out in NOLA enjoying the Feversong launch festivities. Never one to let inspiration go to waste I came up with this art in praise of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series.

Before you guys start thinking my ego has gotten bigger than my curly haired head allow me to explain. Books are magical, only a true bibliophile gets this. Thanks to that magic I have ridden on the back of mythical beasts, battled against evil and fugly cried the night evil got the upper hand inside of a church and recoiled in horror when a “good” guy turned out not to be so good after all.

Have you ever been so into a book that the pages absorb you until you’re a part of it watching as the events unfold? It’s been this way for me with the Fever Series since the beginning.

If you know this feeling whether it be due to the Fever Series or any other book then today’s art is dedicated to YOU.


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